92 toyota camry

I have a toyota camry. the rear windows wouldnt go down,the guy told me he unhooked them so the kids couldnt roll them down so…i took the door panel off and plugged the connection back in and the window rolled down. Problem is it wont go back up. Ive tried jumping the connections and Nothing. It must take a combination of connections within the plug to make it go back up.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

I cant find power to the rear power in the door anywhere…yet the window powered down when i plugged it in

LOL he probably lied to you. It may have a bad regulator or motor (down is easier than up) and he hid it from ya with that story. The motor is simple DC. Run a hot and ground to it with wires from the battery and bypass the switches. If it goes up, check your relay. If it doesn’t, listen for some noise when you hook up. If you hear whining but the window doesn’t move you may have a problem with the regulator. You can try lifting up the glass by hand when someone else “hots” the motor, too.

Yeah i got the "he lied part"
Running jumpers from the battery wont hurt anything?

It doesnt make a noise when i run power from the battery. Where is the relay??

92 with 170000 so i fixed it permanent. Cut the cable. Pushed the window up and drilled a couple holes and put screws in the main rail trough metal to metal.
That should work

Thanks for the advise

Well I was going to suggest banging on the door while pulling the switch up. The motors are common to have a bad spot in the winding. Another thing they taught us in Toyota school is to run 24 volts to the motor. One ground and 2 seperate 12v + feeds to the correct terminal. It’ll fry the motor, but it’ll get it up that one last time. You just have to make sure you have the b+ run to the correct terminal. On a window motor there are just 2 pins. And the switch reverses + & - Moot point now.

Hey Thanks. I did bang on the motor … but nothing


More than likely there’s a problem with the power window master switch which is solid state. That’s the one mounted on the drivers door.

All the controls for the rear windows pass thru this master switch. This includes determining which side of the rear window motor gets grounded so it goes up or it goes down.


I suspected that but had enough stuff tore apart. its just a “back up car” with high miles so …


I will Guarantee you this …changing brakes on the 96 grand cherokee was WAY easier than the toyota. It did help that it has 4 wheel disc brakes but still easier disc than the toyota