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1996 Toyota Camry Station Wagon lift hatch Back door removal

In order to repair/replace life hatch back door driver side windshield washer motor, I must remove interior door panel (plastic moulded). With a little prying, I found interior metal clips behind panel that unclip with screwdriver, but I’m stumped about the middle clips or what keeps this panel in place in the middle of the door (where the door hand latch is). Help! need to get this car inspected for tags and do anywhere without the wipers working. Thanks!

I’m not positive but check for a couple of screws under a cover of some kind. Some just pop out for access.

Is there any screws under the handles inside or out that might hold both handles in place?

I looked for both screws and recessed holes that would hold screws and saw nothing.
I also tried to gently pry the handle mechanism rim thinking that this
mechanism held the panel in and did not get anything to come loose. I don’t need to break anything to I didn’t pry further. Now what?

Consult a service manual, such as Haynes. It should detail the location and type of all fasteners holding the interior panel in place.

Unless you’ve gotten this fixed, go to a scrapyard and find a mate to your vehicle and tear the hatch liner off so you can see what holds it in place.