Replacement keyfob for Mercedes Benz

Is it possible to purchase a replacement electronic keyfob for a 2002 C240 Mercedes without going to the dealer? They want to charge me close to $400 since I lost one of the original keys. I know it needs to be programmed specifically for my car- but $400??

High end cars usually have correspondingly high end repair costs. Chalk it up to one of the thrills of MB ownership.

That’s what I figured! Bummer! Thanks for the reply.

My next car will NOT be a “high-end” car. $500 oil changes/maintenance and $400 keys are enough to drive me away from the prestigous Benz.

Laser cut keys with security chips are just as expensive for MB, BMW and Audis. Dealers can not replace them, only the master distributor. You need to take your car, registration and photo ID to a dealer and they will order a replacement. Trust me, I’ve been through this. The price for security – at least you will not be violated by TSA.

I think $300-500 is about right for dealers to get a new key made and programmed for your car.

You have to go through a dealer, who will in turn get your new key from the MB distribution facility in Texas. Dealers CANNOT program or, more importantly, REprogram keys. Don’t buy a key on ebay and expect a dealer to program it for your car - they cannot do it.

Can’t help you with the key issue, as Mercedes has 100% control over the keys and records for the security system key pills that tell your car that the correct key is in the car, and is allowed to start it.

As for the maintenance, you can save a lot of money there by going to an independent foreign shop that specializes in luxury car brands.

Or, you can save even more money by doing the work yourself.

That’s what I do.