Micro chip key

I have a 2003 Mustang and have lost my spare key. I cannot copy the key and was told I had to get it from the dealer. When I went to the deal I was told it would cost hundreds of dollars to get an additional key because it has a micro chip in it. Is there anyway around this? If I lose my key I’m screwed so I really need a spare.

if you loose your spare key.you have to go to the dealer.he has to reprogram the system,make a key,micro chip in key have to be program.i had the samething did. on a ford taurus,it cost about a hundred buck.there is no way around this,it the new security.

VW just had a class action agreement on this kind of thing. They have been forced to provide certified locksmiths and other shops what they need to cut and program the keys. Check a large local locksmith or two to see if they are producing keys?


check this out

Check with your local locksmith. The ones with the equipment for reprogramming these keys will do it for far less than the dealers charge.

home depot and the hardware store are NOT locksmiths.

look in the yellow pages.

they are more knowledgeable than the home depot guys.

We paid about $35 for a 2005 GM car key and about $40 for an 08 GM car key. The dealers cut the keys and showed us how to program them using the old key and the ignition switch; a simple task. I figured that if the dealer cut the key and messed that up, a new key would be on him, not us. You, of course, need your old key or, as the post and site says, must pay a lot more.

You might want to ask your Ford dealer why his transponder key prices are not competitive with GM prices.

Not true. My brother in law lost the key to his new-to-him truck. He called a locksmith who quoted him $35 for a new key, the dealer did it for $7.50. Of course this truck key did not have a chip on it.

Dealers are not always the highest priced option.

With my FOMOCO product, if you have two keys you can program a third yourself, but if you have only one, the dealer or someone else with a special plug-in tool has to do it. The first option is considerably less expensive which is why I bought a third key as soon as I got my car. Call around to locksmiths. They may save you some money. While you are at it, buy two more keys. I bet the price is not significantly higher than one more.