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Camaro wont start

2016 camaro ss wont turn over. any idea why

Not enough information. Does starter turn engine and it does not run. Turning key produces clicking or no sound. Also don’t you have warranty that includes road side assistance for a while.

Bad battery

The key word of advice is…warranty!
It is difficult to believe that a car that is only 1 year old has already racked-up so many miles that the warranties have all expired, so I am going to assume that your multiple warranties are still in effect.

No matter what the cause of this no-start problem might turn out to be, your warranties (there are several of them) should cover the problem in its entirety, and since most new cars come with complimentary roadside assistance, I believe that you should also have free towing to a Chevy dealership.

If you attempt to have this repaired by anyone other than a GM dealer, you may wind-up voiding the warranty, so I urge you to take advantage of the FREE repairs that are due to you under the terms of your multiple warranties.


You do not get points by using the lowest number of words. Please provide more information if you want good advice.

Mileage, maintenace, engine.

What happens when you try to start? What have you done? Any CE light? any codes?

Its broken


Out of gas.


You don’t even have a car John Cena

Not fast enough in the corners?

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Fake cars aren’t meant to start cena

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@cdaquila 3 new users on this thread making posts that do not make sense. What is going on?

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A few of the regulars asked questions or gave suggestions that made sense, but then some totally incomprehensible–and ultimately UNhelpful–responses were posted by new folks.

@cdaquila–Are we being spammed with nonsense?

@VDCdriver - I am stumped. The login details look legit, and one person withdrew his/her post – not typical spammer behavior – but the posts are nonsense.

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Having the same problem in my 2016 2SS. Have replaced two batteries so far for a bad cell. First in November and the second on February 13, 2017. I only have 1200 miles on this car and am extremely disappointed so far.

@ronmornh … so it doesn’t crank consistently? your not getting that rr rr rrr sound when you turn the key to “start”?

A bad battery will definitely cause no-cranks. And you’ve had two bad batteries in 1200 miles? hmmmm … something seems problematic there. Your installing name brand batteries from a well known parts store right? If so you may have a problem with your alternator. Ask your shop to check the charging voltages and currents, and for voltage spiking in the alternator output.

Shift interlock? is it solidly in park?

“Feb 15”

ahem . . .

Perhaps they’ve “turned over” by now?