Much trouble shooting later, 1998 Chevy camaro still does not start

A year ago my 1998 chevy camaro 6 cyl eng. randomly did not start. Then came back to it 15 min later and it started right up and did not give me another problem.
3 months ago it did the same thing, but then would go a week at least with no more trouble sometimes longer sometimes more frequent.

within this past month it has become very frequent and I have had to push start it with the clutch a few times to get to work. It starts right up when I pop the clutch every time. Now the car will not start with the key no matter what.

Some more details on what it does now - When I first get in it after it has sat a little while you can hear the starter solenoid click the first three times or so when I turn the key. After that you do not hear the solenoid click anymore, but the relay up under the hood clicks every time with the key. (for kicks I even swapped the starter relay and the ignition relay with no change)

The battery is fairly new, but I load checked it anyway and it is perfect, plus I tried another good battery and jumper cables from a battery in a running car so that’s not the problem. I have cleaned all corrosion off terminals and the ground to the engine and to the car.

I checked the resistance of the little piece on each of two ignition keys and they check fine.

I have checked the clutch switch down by the pedal multiple ways. checked resistance of the switch, voltage when the key is on and jumpering the plug with a paper clip.

when I push start the car and have it running I can turn the key with the clutch out nothing happens, but if I push the clutch in the starter will engage (grind) every time (I didnt do this a lot). this tells me that the clutch switch is working and the started is working right?

I did switch the starter out with another used unit and it did the same thing.

I unhooked the alternator on the off chance a short in that was drawing too much juice and not giving enough to the starter (I know I am really reaching here).

I am completely stumped - no idea what so ever. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you checked the junction terminal located near the battery? That’s the thing with a positive battery cable leading to it and has a little black cover over it.
All electrical power to the car other than the starter motor windings (solenoid excluded) go through this terminal and scale or corrosion can cause all kinds of electrical hiccups.

it sounds like it is something with the security system since the starter will engage with the car running the ignition switches with the chip in the are bad about going out in them year cars

you will prob have to change the ign key tumbler with a new one

On the starter motor solenoid, there are two large nuts and one or two small ones. Use a screwdriver to short out the top large nut to the small one. If the starter cranks, then the problem is either the solenoid or elsewhere. If it just clicks, you need a new starter assembly.