Camaro won't start after warming up

I have 87 camaro 5.0 TPI. I rearly drive it and it has 58k miles and is completely stock. I’ve had this problem for several years. The car starts great after it’s been sitting, but sometimes when I try to start it after it’s warmed up it will turn over and acts like it’s not getting gas. After a while it will start to hit a little but still not crank. But when it desides to start it will fire up just fine. It will always start fine after it cools down. Any ideas?

This sounds like a rich start condition. How does the engine react to a flood clear, i.e. holding the gas pedal to the floor while cranking? If a flood clear helps, monitor the fuel line pressure to see if it leaks down while sitting. If there is a leak down, that may be into the intake through a leaking injector or fuel pressure regulator diaphragm. Pull the vacuum hose from the regulator on the injector fuel log and see if there is gasoline inside.

Keep us advised on the progress of your trouble shooting.

My vote is the ignition module. It’s in the distributor on these and when they start to go they exhibit a hot no start condition.

I’ve tried clearing the flood condition, no help. Since I don’t drive it much this hasn’t been a concern, but after reading click/clack I said what the heck I’ll visit cartalk. I feel it’s an electrical problem or lack of fuel pressure. And thanks for your help in this…

I worked as a sales manager in 84-96 and in the trans ams in 85-86-87 we had the same problem, they called it vapor lock, usually you let them cool down and they start right up. check with your chevy dealer and see what the cure is.