1990 Camaro RS 6 cyl., 3.1,L only 70,000 miles

Driving 1990 Camaro around town and was headed home. Drove down the street where I live at a low idle speed and the car died. The car won’t start now. The battery is good, checked the alternator(its good) the lights work and other accessories, spare key has same result. What do you suggest. Thank you for your help.

Does the engine turn over, just not catch? If so, the starting system is working fine. You’ll need to check for fuel pressure and spark next.

If not, check the starter. It can be bench-tested once pulled from the car.

A couple of many possibles. Electric fuel pump failure. When they fail, you just stop. A dirty connector somewhere in the wiring harness to the fuel pump can mean no power getting to the pump. Check to see if you have fuel pressure.

If this car has one ignition coil, if it fails you stop.

What happens when you turn her on? Does her engine turn over, or does she just click?