Camaro starting problems

My 2002 Z28 has intermittent starting problems. It starts from cold just fine. However, every know and then, it fails to start when it has been recently driven then left for 30 minutes to an hour. All the electrical works but the starter doesn’t seem to be working. There is no clicking as if it didn’t have the juice. It simply won’t start. Then, typically 15 minutes or so after the first attempt, it starts. The battery is new, the key is good, it’s not a vapor lock issue. It does this on hot and cold days. When it does start, there is no unusual indications. I’m stumped.

Aside from the starter solenoid there’s also a starter relay in the circuit. This is located under the hood, left front corner of the engine compartment. Sometimes relays can get hot where they fail to function.

Locate this relay, and check if there’s another relay with the same part number. The next time the starter fails to operate, swap the two relays. If the engine now starts replace the starter relay.


I ordered the part. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the answer.

There’s also the neutral safety switch in the circuit–try starting it in neutral instead of park, and/or wiggling the shifter when you try to start it. If you have a manual transmission instead of an automatic, there’s a similar switch on the clutch pedal preventing you from starting it if the clutch isn’t depressed–this could be faulty if you have a stick.

Well, I’m out of options. I’ve replaced the key and key cylinder, I’ve tried whith both sets of keys, I’ve replaced the starter and ignition relay, ensured the clutch was at full neutral and jiggled the gear knob, I tried a lucky rabbits foot and placed the magic handkerchief of the Amazing Bsacaludo on the hood while trying. When it won’t start, it simply won’t start for 30 minutes. If I’m stopping someplace for less than 30 minutes, I always try to start it before I leave the car to go in. If I ever stall this thing in traffic, I’ll need hearing protectors because of all the blowing horns. Any other ideas? Any idea who might have a better idea? Maybe a Camaro forum?

We need more info: Does the engine turn over at all? Is the starter motor turning the engine? If not, I suspect that the neutral safety relay on the clutch is not functioning. The clutch must be depressed while turning the key even if you have the transmission in neutral.

The engine does not turn over, the starter does not click. Lights come on to the dash, the radio, lights, etc. all work. The starter works fine. The clutch is always depressed and I would tend to think it was the neutral switch being faulty except for the fact that it always starts…after 30 minutes. That doesn’t sound like a faulty switch.

Another thing to check is the positive battery cable assembly. Your vehicle has the side mount battery terminals. Over time, corrosion can form under the red rubber cover for the positive battery cable causing a voltage drop.

Disconnect the battery cables and peel back the red rubber cover for the positive cable assembly. If corrosion is found under this red rubber cover replace the positive cable assembly.


You didn’t mention replacing the neutral safety switch. Despite all the advice to try starting in neutral or jiggling the shift lever, these switches can and do completely fail. If it is like most cars it is a switch with 4 terminals, two for the back-up lights and two for the starting.Pull the plug off the switch and jump two opposite terminals and turn on the key. If the backup lights come on,jump the other two terminals and try to start the car. If it starts leave the jumper on long enough to ensure that it cured the problem. If it fixes it buy a new switch, If it doesn’t , the switch isn’t the problem. Warning- while the jumper switch is on the car will start in any gear.