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Xado additives

Have anybody used XADO products? I heard they are pretty good.

Web site reads like the typical scammer type product.

I heard that Slick-50 is pretty good…or Dura-Lube…ALL JUNK. It’s a BILLION dollar a year business…so might as well try to get a piece of the pie. Information is the BEST defense against Fraud…Obviously we’re NOT informed enough if companies like this are THRIVING.

If they are for cars, thay aren’t worth paying more money for. If you heard it at work or from a friend, you haven’t heard from professionals. If you have heard from the pros, they are selling the stuff and will tell you anything.

Your first step should be ignoring people who tell you bogus products like this are any good at all. Assuming you don’t have a vested interest (a.k.a. “distributor”) in this bunk.

First question. Why do you feel you need some sort of additive? What kind of additive do you feel is needed? (fuel oil transmission fluid blinker fluid …?)

Google and see for yourself. It’s another miracle in a bottle.

Just another bogus additive using the same advertising template as countless other worthless products.

Cylinder heads running cool to the touch, 1600+ MPG, and running all day long tests with no oil in the engine? At the end of the day add oil and no problem? I think not.

It seems unanimous that it is another bogous product. Thanks all for comments/responses.

No i do not have vested interest.

a good friend of mine has used it and he highly recommended for “older cars”. Thus, it could bring compression like a new car again. he experienced it in his old car ( i think it is 1997 jeep cherokee).

i used bought a used 2001 volvo s40. it drives well but i thought i could made it drive like new again. but the xado cost $100. it is a bit too much for me thus, i want to check your commments.

thanks again.


I was hoping the OP would tell us :stuck_out_tongue: