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The song from 0852 at 16:30

Does anyone know the song from the first break of the encore episode that played on Dec. 27 of last year? I can’t find it anywhere! The lyrics played go as followed:

“through the valley of the broken runs a river of the wreckage past a mountain range of metal in a wonderland of waste, I’m a soldier of misfortune in this jungle of rejection ridin’ hard on the discarded in the ten-ton crane. Awaiting resurrection in this cast-away collection is a hidden trove of riches amid the mangled and the maimed every fender-bender, every head on and rear ender holds a cash of precious treasure that is waiting to be claimed. I’m just a miner in a motherload of misery where the fruits of faulty judgment meet the spoils of bad luck. Where the useless and unwanted find the place they can be flaunted, I’m a soldier of misfortune and a king of junk.”

Whats the music genre? I can post keywords on my Rhapsody account and if the song was ever published/recorded/copyrighted and in their library it will come up,other than that I have never heard it. Knowing the genre narrows down the search (is it folk,rap,country,pop,jazz,protest song,you get the idea).

I think that it would be closest to “Folk”'cause of the pace and the banjo. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Found it it is called The King of Junk by Eddy Lawrence it is folk released from a live performence in 1993. You got lucky the search to 4 min,found it with key words King of JunK

It was indeed “King of Junk” by Eddy Lawrence. It also appears on the Car Talk “Cartunes, Volume 1” CD.

–David Greene
Automusicology Guy
Car Talk

Any stars Dave?

Ah, thanks guys!