Bluegrass song?

Anybody know the name of the song currently being played on the show? it includes the words “I can see the right way now”



Are any of these it? There’s a link to Music on the Show on this web site:

The Car Talk Theme Song Find out about David Grisman and Dawgy Mountain Breakdown
Stump the Chumps Theme Song What’s the deal with that whacko Stump The Chumps music? Here’s what.
The Music in the Middle Find out about that nice piano/guitar music called Dixie Flyer that’s played sort of in the middle of the show.
The Plastic Banana By Tony Rice. That’s the music in the third half of the show.

What kind of banjo do you have? I have a Nechville.

WOW! - I have a Nechville - Classic, with a light weight rim, about 8# total - bought it about a year ago - i love it

i didn’t check out the titles you suggested yet, but thanks


Mine’s a Geometric with upgraded tone ring (I think, I bought it slightly used.) The factory is about 10 miles from my house in Bloomington, Minnesota. Do you live near here too?

I was at Tom Nechville’s studio/factory to see some people playing. Tom wanted to see my banjo and he ended up adjusting it for me. Nice guy.

WE ARE NOT QUITE WALKING DISTANCE FROM EACH OTHER - whoops - had caps on…I live in Soquel CA, I bought mine directly from Al Price (of Nechville) but it was shipped from Oregon (I think, but definately west coast).

I have been going at learning this dang thing for more than 50 years! - spent 10 yrs in a band ("'Wild Oat 'n Honey"), a buch of retired folks (or nearly so) and some of them were pretty good - I am sort of in between…


If you get to the Minneapolis-St.Paul area, stop in and see if Tom Nechville is at his shop, he’s always eager to talk banjos.

Banjo union. Couldn’t resist.