Break Light Warning

I have a toyota camry 1997 CE, V6. Break light warning came on this morning then turned off then turned on again.

Check the level of fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. Low fluid will cause the light to flash. There should be information about this in the owner’s manual.

Make sure your parking BRAKE is off.

First thing I did. Thank you for your response.

So, once you find that your reservoir is a little low and top it off, don’t let this be the end of it. You should have your brakes checked. It possible that you have a leak (which is a serious thing safety wise), but it’s more likely that your pads are worn down and may need to be replaced. Failure to check them and replace if needed may lead to greater repair expense when the pad backing plates hit the rotors.

To add a little to tardis’s response, I suggest that you may want to have the brake fluid replaced (How long has it been in there?

I have a 2000 Camry that had this same problem. My brake fluid was at the correct level (full).

You didn’t say if your fluid level was good.

The problem was with the fluid level sensor in the reservoir. I disconnected the switch plug on the side of the brake reservoir…problem solved. The brake light still indicates if my emergency brake is on.

Brake fluid was pretty full when I checked it yesterday but I topped it off anyway. I need to get it replaced. I will also take in for break inspection. I checked maintenance history. Last inspection was 9/2009. I was told then to get pads replaced in a year or so. Thank you all!!!

As I read the OP, it is the ‘brake light’ warning that is glowing. Camary has a module that monitors the current draw of the rear brake filaments. After starting the engine this light will be out. It will come ‘on’ and stay ‘on’ after the first application of the brakes. If you stop and restart the engine the light will be out.

So check the rear brake lamps including the two high mounted center lamps. You will probably find one is out.

Hope this helps.

This module turns on a different light that is yellow and shows a car symbol with the rear lights highlighted. It turned on when my high mounted light was out. I have a 2000 Camry.