1998 Toyota Camry Brake Light

Hello! Sometimes when I start the car, the brake light stays on for about 15 min., even though the emergency brake is not engaged,then it will go away for a while. It comes back on its own while I’m driving, then will go away again. Is this a problem with the emergency brake system, or is it electrical? Thank you for you help!

That brake warning light actually does double duty.
In addition to telling you that the emergency brake is on, the light also warns you when the brake fluid in the master cylinder is low. If are not aware of this, I suggest that you check the Owner’s Manual, which will verify what I stated.

Check the manual to determine the type of fluid that the car needs, and refill the master cylinder to the full mark. Then, as soon as possible, go to a competent mechanic to find out why the brake fluid was low (note: it does not evaporate).

There are two reasons why the fluid could be low:

A leak in the brake hydraulic system, which is a major safety hazard
Excessive wear of the brake pads. When brake pads become badly worn, the calipers must extend further, thus drawing more fluid from the master cylinder.

Get the brake system checked before you wind up with no brakes.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll check it out.