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"Brake" Warning Light

I own a '97 Toyota Camry with the 4-cylinder engine. When I start the car in the morning and drive off, the “Brake” warning light comes on for a few seconds then disappears. The car seems to be driving just fine, though. This happens most often when I start the car in the morning when the engine is cold. Any suggestions?

My first suggestion is check your brake fluid level under the hood. It is possibly low. However low enough usually means either a leak or your brakes are far gone that fluid level has dropped.

If not get it checked out by a shop, brakes are nothing to skimp on nor ignore.

I agree. Sounds like a low fluid warning. If you’re not sure where the brake fluid reservoir is consult the owner’s manual.

That was my initial thought. However, I checked the fluid level, and it was fine. Thanks, though.

Do you use the parking brake?

Had the same thing, checked the fluid level and it LOOKED fine. Added fluid and the problem disappeared.