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1989 Toyota Camry Break light problem

I have a 1989 Toyota Camry that gets a “lights” warning on the dash every time the break is depressed. (The break lights do not come on when break depressed.) The bulbs are all good and the fuses are as well. Someone once said it is my Break Light relay that needs replaced. If so, where is this located (I was told under the dash) and is there an easy way to get to it to replace it and do I need any special tools? Thanks!

could be a bad bulb.

did yu do a bulb check, lots of cars have a bulb warning indicator

I don’t think there is a relay in the circuit but since none of the brake lights work I suggest you first double check the fuses for any problem and if they are ok then check the brake switch located on the brake pedal. You could try jumpering the contacts on the switch to see if that works. If so, the switch is bad. You could also check for power getting to the switch using a test light probe. If all those things are ok then the trouble may be with the flasher unit. The brake circuit runs through it.

If the BRAKE lights do not come on when the BRAKE is depressed, I am having a hard time figuring out how you know that they are all “good”. It is possible that the bulbs are the wrong type, or it is possible that they both look good to the naked eye, yet they might have a fault in the filament. Check the Owner’s Manual for the bulb number, buy the necessary number of bulbs (by the same manufacturer) and try installing them.

Although you have gotten good advice from others, sometimes the simplest solution is the correct one and you owe it to yourself to try the simple possibilities first.

Thanks for everyone’s rapid response. I have tried the bulbs in the regular rear light sockets and they light up. I do not see a “switch” on the brake pedal, but I may not know where to look or what I am looking at. Under the dash, all the way up at the top and just under the steering column is some type of device, I thought was a relay, but perhaps I am wrong. It is very difficult to get to. All of my fuses are intact.

One thing that can cause no brake lights is a defective rear light out module. This is located behind the left trunk panel. It’s a plastic box about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Unplug and remove the module. Remove the cover from the module and inspect the circuit board for burnt components. If any are found, that’s the reason the brake lights don’t function.


Thanks! Checked the module. Wiring intact and nothing burnt on circuit board. Also, replaced all bulbs in rear of automobile with same type. Still have the problem. Has to be the break light switch which is hell to get to. I’ll try to figure that out when I’m home in my airconditioned garage

Where is the “flasher unit”?

“brake”, not “break”.