Brake Warning Light

Woke up to -5 temp this morning and a “BRAKE” system warning light on my 95 Subaru. Car and brakes worked just fine driving into work. Any ideas???

Check the fluid level in the master cylinder.

Ed B.

As in your car is going to break soon?

I was thinking - as in time to take a coffee break from driving.

As in your car is going to break soon?


The parking brake cable may be frozen, not allowing the handle to release fully.

That assumes, of course, that you use the parking brake. Otherwise it’s probably a warning of low brake fluid.

Isn’t that what the CEL is for?

In addition to checking the fluid in the reservoir, it’s time to have the pads checked.

Low fluid in the reservoir will not only trip the light, it’s also a sign that much of the fluid now resides in the wheel calipers because of worn pads. As you use your brakes you push tha fluid from the reservoir to the calipers. As the pads wear, more and more of it ends up in the calipers.