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Break light mystery for a 03 Ford Escape

What would cause the break light to stay on until the car warms up when real temps. are below 50’? In Winter, the break light stays on for about a half hour of driving or until the car inside warms up. The park break works fine and is not used nor stuck on.

Not knowing which BRAKE light you are talking about, I’m going to have to assume it is the brake warning light on the dash that is lit up. Is the light red or amber?

If so, check the brake fluid level in the fluid reservoir, the cap should have a short dipstick on it and the cap should also seal the fluid in when tight.

Make sure the foot brake pedal switch is in the open position when not activated. The switch should be adjustable.

If you’re talking about the brake lights on the rear of the vehicle, you probably have a faulty or mis-adjusted brake light switch. The switch is under the dashboard and contacts the brake pedal lever.

If you’re talking about the parking brake warning light, that, too is probably caused by a switch that needs to be adjusted. That switch contacts the parking brake pedal.

Thanks for info. I have not been home to check the mail until now so my apologies for not answer immediately. I did mean the Brake lights for the rear and it was the brake warning light on the dash and the color was RED. The park brake is fine and I seldom use it. The red light on the dash for brake warning comes on when its about 50’ or colder and stays on until the car has run to warm up after about 20-30 minutes. Arnie

I assume that the “did” above should be “didn’t.” Otherwise you are saying that it is both the rear brake lights, and the brake warning light on the dash. Most likely you have marginally low brake fluid. And most likely that is because of brake pad wear. Top up the brake fluid, and have the brake pads checked.

Tardis. Yes-you interpeted it correctly and YES-it was a “marginally low brake fluid.” I had my mechanic in the small town I live by check it and the brake pads and he put a small quantity of fluid in and the warning light went out. He checked the pads and said they are fine. Thanks for the info. I was not aware that today’s autos have a sensor in the brake fluid well connected to the warning light linked to the whole sensor circuitry and chip module including the park brake. Learn something every day is the old cliche. Arnie

Roadrunner, Thanks for the info. Your info was correct-it was a low brake fluid reservoir situation. The pads checked out fine. A mechanic poured in little fluid and the warning light went out. I didn’t know in today’s autos that there is a sensor in the brake fluid well hcoked into everything including the four brakes and parking brake. I will keep an eye on it and next oil/filter change, have it checked again and also see if the brake light switch needs adjustment. Arnie