Brake issue with 95 jeep grand cherokee

the caliper/bracket has worn down on the front brakes to the point that I am replacing pads couple of times a year and they vibrate excessively when braking hard like on a hill. on other year years, these parts are separate and bolted together, on the 95 it is one welded piece . I cant seem to find a replacement part, even when trying to order the entire wheel hub assembly it doesn’t show/specify if that part is attached. i did find replacements at a junk yard but they too were worn and would not help the situation.

Any others with this issues? Is it possible to convert to another year wheel hub assembly?

Rockauto has the replacement steering knuckles. But they’re not cheap.


I’d drive over to the local junkyard and explain the situtation. Again. Don’t phone, drive over there yourself. And bring some photos or shop manual diagrams of what you need. These junkyards have a nation wide computer network to locate parts they don’t have themselves. The part you need may be sitting somewhere in a junkyard in Portland Maine. And the folks in Maine will be more than happy to sell and ship it to you.

If you follow Tester’s info, click on the part number in Rockauto and it will show you the other models and years that use the same part. Then you should maybe have better luck finding a good used one. Then again maybe its a problem part and best to just buy new.

If the part you are referring to is the one Tester linked to above, you’ll have an almost impossible time trying to find good used ones. This is a common problem, and the supply of good used parts has just about dried up.

Replacement brake pads should come with a set of “caliper abutment clips” that are designed to help if the wear is not too severe. Other than that the option is replacement of the steering knuckle. You may be able to remove the knuckles, and have a local machine shop weld up and refinish the damaged area, if you can be without the car for a few days.