2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee - I need a shop

I need the coil brackets replaced. I need the old ones welded off the front axel, and the new ones put on. I also got new coil sprints that I need installed.

OK , I guess you need a shop of some sort to do this work for you. Since your location is a mystery how do you expect someone to say where to have this done . Just start calling body shops near you and you might find one willing to do this work.

Ask your friends & coworkers which shop they’d use if they had a problem involving welding. Another idea, ask the same question at a place that sells metal. We have a place here in San Jose called Metal Works, and that’s one place where I’d definitely ask if I had this problem.

If the diff housing is that rusted out, what does the rest of the under carriage look like… Don’t think I have ever seen one that rusted out…

You need to find a 4x4 shop in your area and knows how to do this kind of work…
BTW you want to have the old bracket cut off, and the new one welded on…


Just my opinion, it would have been better to find a 4X4 shop and arrange to have them access your Jeep, purchase the parts through them, and have them do the work.
If suspension is not being modified such as lifted, check with independent shops, a 4X4 specialist would not be required, but still best to get parts through them for warranty purposes.

As above, if rusted to the point the springs and brackets need replacing, the vehicle might be rusted to the point that it should be deposed of rather than repaired.

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I have heard good things about this 4x4 shop in Alaska:

If that location is not convenient for you, it would be really helpful if you would reveal the Zipcode where you reside.


Type, ’ Custom Truck Suspension", in your search engine.

Any shop you see located close to where you are is who to take it to.