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Front brakes '90 jeep cherokee

I have to do the front brakes on our new '90 jeep. I have had '75 ford supercabs for a looong time.

I have done the front brakes (and calipers) many times on the fords,

should I expect much difference doing the jeep?

any special tools?

I bought a Haynes manual when I got the jeep, but haven t opened it yet :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly the pads are not interchangeable left to right.

Also take a close look at the part of the steering knuckle on which the pads ride. There may be some wear there that will prevent the pads from moving properly. Your replacement pads should come with a set of “caliper abutment clips” to help with this problem.

thank you

It’ll be the same process as the truck. You should read the book before doing the repairs. You can do it!!