What is my mechanic asking for?

my mechanic said I need front brake caliper sliding pins and boots. I am assuming this has something to do with the breaks? Also asked for pads, anti rattle spring, etc. Can I find these pins and boots as a part of a kit? I am overseas military and no dodge dealership in sight.

What year Caravan

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You don’t say how many miles the van has, but these are reasonable requests. Honestly, when a caliper sticks I just replace the entire caliper assemblies (both sides) with brackets. The pins and boots will come as part of the assembly.

2001 caravan SE 3.3l v6 fwd disk brakes. How would I order this? A caliper assembly? Will the caliper come with all the parts (pins, brackets, boots).

Rockauto.com maybe a good choice in getting part.

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Order them as a caliper assembly. Be sure the one you order has the brackets.

Do you have the expertise to do a proper bleed of the brakes? Assemble the new pads into the new calipers? Remove the old caliper without doing damage? I’d suggest also ordering a Haynes repair manual for your car and following it step by step. don’t touch a bolt until you’ve reviewed the procedure, made sure you have the proper fluid and tools, and feel comfortable with what you’re about to attempt.

If you simply tell the parts person you are doing front brakes on your Caravan and you need a “hardware kit” you will get what you need (including the silicon paste like lube for the “sliding Pins”. Myself I have used silver anti sieze for both the edges of the pads that touch metal parts on the calipers (and every metal to metal contact point) and the pads themselves where they touch the piston cups. I think everyone has a product (or even several) that they use when assembling front disc brakes.