Brakes hold the car after they get hot



Good old Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000 was ok (100k miles on it). Recently it got front brake pads replaced. After that it is ok when cold, but breaks are getting really hot after 15 minutes drive, and a burning smell comes out of front wheels. At that point the car feels like braking (I guess parts are expanding with the heat). I?ve lifted it and tested: front left wheel won?t turn easily as the others. Guys from de dealership want to replace both rotors and calipers pairs ($800). Rotors are indeed 1mm thinner than specification. Could it fix the issue? What else could be the reason or fix for this issue?


Sounds like the right call to me. Sounds like more than a good independent shop would charge, if you don’t go to the dealer make sure you use a shop that uses quality parts.


It might be the brake calipers are sticking; but, it might be something else. Test of the brake hoses could be done; but it would be quicker to replace the brake hoses. If this doesn’t relieve the grabbing brakes, consider replacing a brake caliper, or two.
Aftermarket brake rotors and brake calipers are a HECK OF A LOT CHEAPER THAN DEALERS. Think independent garage. Think aftermarket.


I’ve seen calipers that stick only when they get warmed up. A heavy square-cut seal goes around the caliper piston down in the caliper bore and flexes outward as the caliper piston moves out as you brake. When you release the brake pedal, the seal flexes back into its at-

rest position, retracting the piston. Maybe this seal’s properties have been compromised by age, heat, etc. Anyway, I think you have a sticking LF caliper. If so, you need 2 calipers, since the hydraulic brake parts should be replaced in pairs, and of course, new

rotors since they are under minimum thickness specs, apparently. Hellokit could be right about the brake hoses, though. Drive it till the LF brakes grab again, then quick jack up LF. Loosen LF caliper bleeder screw. If the LF rotor is suddenly easy to turn, it’s the LF brake hose. Please let us know how you make out.


Ok, finally finished this work: I’ve tested the roses disconnecting them once the brakes were hot (and holding the car down) ant wheel was still not turning freely. So I decided to go for rotors and calipers replacement. I did it myself, and it was not that difficult. It was kind of fun actually. The brakes seem to be working normally now. I drove it a lot yesterday and never felt the brakes were been applied, as I use to feel before, when it was hot. So I’m guessing the issue is fixed. I’m just feeling the pedal kind of soft… not sure there is still some air inside those tubes. Thank you guys for the advices.


I had to get the rear calipers replaced on my 2000 Blazer after the pads were replaced. My local mechanic charged about $80 per reman caliper, with labor it was under $250.

Ed B.