Blower motor and controls on 2000 Voyager

I love my old Voyager! OK…, I’ve replaced the radiator, transmission, oil pan, on and on, but it’s been paid for 6 years and I smile every time I don’t have to make a payment. Problem is, even though the A/C blows cold - which is super important in South Florida - the blower only works on high. I lost low several years ago ( I smelled something hot and then low didn’t work), then last year I lost medium (no smells…, it just quit). So nothing works but full blast, which is OK until the van cools off and then it gets pretty chilly. My question is, how tough of a fix is this? I can get at the blower and motor assembly pretty easy, but the controls? It looks like I’d have to take off the whole dash to get at them. So…, any advice?

The blower motor resistor pack for the lower fan speeds probably burned out. This is located in the blower housing next to the blower fan. The glove box needs to be removed to gain access.

You can purchase a replacement resistor pack from a local Chrysler dealer.


That’s TERRIFIC! Jeez, I’m totally impressed. I’ll scratch your name on the door jamb so I remember your help every time I get the oil changed. Whoo Hoo!