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Blower motor resistor

does anyone know where the blower motor resistor is located on a 2001 voyager LX.

engine compartment, firewall, right side, almost under the hood hinge.

go buy one, they cost around 18.00 or so.

once you get one in hand, it makes it easier to find the installed one.

HOWEVER… at this age most likely the old one has become rusted, TIGHT. you will most likely have to cut the old one off, and clean up the plug.

be careful not to damage or distort the plug or you will have to go to a junk yard and buy a new on eof those too.

Sorry! The last time I replaced the blower resistor on a Chrysler mini-van, the glove box had to be removed to access the blower resistor.


Thank you very much that helps

Thank You very much I took out the glove box and it was right there.

thanks again Chris

gee, what a dope. DOH!!!

i just did my mazda pickup, wrong recall, wrong caqr, sorry.

the caravan was under the glove box, but as the movie says, in a galaxy far far away.