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Blower Motor Speed Control

My 2000 Grand Voyager blower fan only works on HIGH speed. First and third speeds went out a month ago. Now the second speed went out. The parts guy at my local parts store claims its the blower fan resistor. This does not make any sense to me.

It makes sense.

All the lower blower speeds go through a resistor pack. The higher blower speed by-passes this resistor pack. So only one thing can cause the problem the way you describe it, and that’s a bad resistor pack.


What you describe are the classic symptoms of a failed blower resistor pack. The resistors are what enables the blower to run at speeds other than high. You need a new resistor pack.

Totally makes since. The resistors burn out, usually low to high. The highest speed usually does not blow out because it does not have a resistor.

Note: it may be just the resistor pack, or it may be a motor going bad that is burning out the resistors.

Some people rebuild the resistor pack themselves. If you are a DIY type then the fix is almost free other than your own labor. Even a new motor is usually not all that expensive, if you can put it in yourself.

This is a simple case of blown blower resistors. The motor may be binding due to rust or other contaminants which will cause the resistors to blow. Have your blower motor checked. It should spin freely. I bet it doesn’t.