2000 Chrysler 300M - Crazy fan

My climate control fan is out of control. I can change from dash vents to defrost to floor heat and ac works so the door actuators are working but the fan runs on high regardless if it is on auto or manual.
Fan relay ???

The blower motor control module has failed.


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Sorry for the delay-
Thanks for the answer.
Would you know the location ? in dash ? under hood ?
Any help is appreciated.

The blower control module is located under the dash near the blower motor.

OK so I got a new module from Rock Auto-installed it and now the fan will not come on in any mode.
I’m stumped.

Is the electrical connector burned? Wiggle the connector. Check for power to the blower module using a test light.

Just a thought. Did you disconnect the battery when installing? if not you could have blown a fuse or relay.

Connector is not burned. Have power to the 2 connectors on the left plug(green & black wires).
No, I did not disconnect battery when installing.(DUH) Will be checking fuses next.

#23 30A blower fuse ok- #17 10A Heater AC ATC fuse ok These are located on the side panel to the left of the steering wheel. I don’t see anything else listed for ac-fan-heater on that panel. The panel under the hood has nothing listed that sounds related. I don’t see any relays labeled AC Heat or ATC on either panel

The green wire is the power supply from fuse #23.
The small connector goes to the blower motor, one wire should have power, the other ground.

I have noticed that the small port on the dash control panel below the fan speed knob is not moving air - related maybe ?

I believe that just senses the air temp. in the car cabin area.


The in-car temperature sensors get clogged with lint, that won’t keep the blower motor from operating.

Well, the only thing i can think of is… the blower motor worked only on high before you put in the blower control module. now you have nothing working. so, it might be a defective module or something shorted when you installed it, being you did not disconnect the battery. I would think a fuse would have blown. so maybe just a bad module.

Went back to square one.
I have a dual plug on the left with green & black wires with power on both.
I have a triple plug on the right with green, red w yellow stripe and black wire showing in that order.
There is power at the green wire on the right plug and no power on the red or black wires.

That is when ign is on and fan on manual set to high.

well since there is no power to the module when the ignition is off that would keep from blowing a fuse and my fuses checked good .
Sounds like a defective module to me also.
I’ll be contacting Rock Auto

Thanks for your help with this problem.
I’ve set up return to Rock Auto & will send it out Monday.
They will ship replacement when I provide tracking # for the return.