Can I do repair/replace my blower heater myself?

Within the past couple of months, the blower has stopped working on a regular basis. It works when its already cold outside or when we go over a bump, but if its 90 plus outside and I’m load down with my Newf and three kids, its doesn’t work at all. The dealer claims that he can’t find anything wrong with it. My husband wants me to wait for two weeks before we get it repaired (for the trip to see his parents). Frankly, I’m sick of waiting. Can I do this myself (I’m a complete novice) or should we take it somewhere else and hope for the best?

I would go see an independent air conditioning specialist. I would think the dealer could replicate the conditions you describe and determine where the problem is, based on when you say it doesn’t work right. If your info is correct, it appears the dealer isn’t working hard enough at the diagnosis. There is no guarantee that what you might replace would in fact fix the problem. Some level of electrical and relay trouble shooting is probably in the works.

There are basically three components to the blower system, the fan/motor assembly, the resistor block, and a fan motor relay. The relay will be energuzed whenever the fan is on, and the contacts of the relay will be the paths through which the individual circuits for the resistor block and then the motor travel.

Unfortunately, outside temperatures can affect any one of the components if it’s bad. If it happens on all speeds I’ll suggest the relay or the fan itself, the relay being the most probable. If it happens on all but “high”, and high works fine, then I’ll suggest the resistor block.

Replacing these items can be a major pain. Get a Haynes manual at the local parts store and see if it looks doable for you.