95 astro van heater problems

Well My heat went out, im assuming its the resistors that control the speed of the fan? But i cant find them for the life of me, Any help greatly Appreciated, Im cold, and cant see out my frosty windshield.

I assume that you mean the blower isn’t working at all.
If the highest speed setting doesn’t work either, then the blower speed resistor pack is not your problem.

Check the fuses first. If you still have the owners manual look there to find the fuse panel and fuse location.

There MAY be two fuse boxes to check, I’m not sure.

One around or under the dash and under the hood (usually close to the battery)

If the fuse is good, the fan switch may be at fault. You’ll have to test for continuity.

Yes it is the Blower that does not come on, but its intermittent maybe 1/50 times it may come on when i start the van but then goes off when its turned off and does not come back on, Its not the fuses, i checked both of those, im not sure about the switch itself ill check that, could it be the blower motor itself? i cant seem to find it either.

Yes, with that description, it probably is the blower motor itself. I have seen them work/not-work/work that way.

On some of the older vans the blower motor is on the firewall (passenger side) in the engine compartment and some are inside below/behind the glove box.