Transmission...or why is my car not moving when in drive?

Went out in the pouring rain, started okay, but fluttered. The drive light on the dash was blinking, when I accelerated it hardly moved…it got worse at each traffic light, by the time I reached my driveway which is on a slight incline she couldn’t even make it. It has done this in the past, but never so bad. Usually I’ll turn off the engine and after awhile it will drive fine and the blinking light stops. I recently had the speedometer fixed and the problem seems to have gotten worse…Please help!

Please Give The Model-Year Of The Honda Accord And Approximate Number Of Miles On It.

Please explain to me what a blinking “drive light” is. I’m not familiar with the term “drive light.” What does the car’s Owner’s Manual say about it ?


Has the transmission fluid level been checked? Has the fluid ever been changed? How many miles, year, etc.? Keep in mind that you are probably damaging the transmission when you drive it while it’s slipping like this.

Check your transmission fluid level first. About the only reasonable answer you can get.

Not why you posted it here, bring it to a mechanic.