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Blinking ABS Light

97 Ford F150 4.6 V8 230+ thousand miles.

Driving this morning, the ABS light came on and started blinking then the blinking stoped for a minute but the light stayed on. It did this several times untill reaching the destination. The brakes worked properly the whole time.

Started the truck after shutting it down and the ABS light stayed on and the shifter would not come out of Park.

What could be causing the light to blink and is the shifter not moving related to the light?

Disregard this post…Found answers on a F150 Board

And you’re going to just leave everyone guessing? The not coming out of park is easily a brake light switch problem. But I’m wondering whether that can provide a flashing ABS light.

The brake lights are tied into the same circuit as the ABS. There is a problem/short somewhere in the ABS (which I have not found yet). Fuse 13, which is a 15 amp fuse, is blown. I believe the issue is with one of the rear tires which smacked a curb pretty hard yesterday. To get by, the key is put to the on position, put in neutral, then start and drive away but with no brake lights. Will be looking into it later. I’m guessing the wheel sensor took a dump.