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2006 Ford Focus ABS LIght

So, here is the story. I purchased a set of HID Headlights for my 2006 Ford Focus ZX4 early this summer. Long story short, the HID lights were defective and I figured it wasn’t worth the hassle so, put the standard bulbs back in. Once I re-connected the battery, the ABS and Brake lights on the dashboard came on. I checked the ground screws I had to remove to wire the HID lights and I’m fairly sure I re-connected all the cables. I don’t know what happened! Did I fry something? Please help!

Thanks in advance for the answers!

Check for a blown fuse for the ABS and brake light( 30 Amp fuse located in the engine compartment power distribution box.You can also turn the steering wheel lock to lock a few time to reset the light.

Finally just got a multimeter. So I will do that. And when you say turn the wheel to lock a few times you mean lock and the.ln turn the key to unlock it and then lock it again, over and over?? I will try it. Thanks!

Remove the fuse and check inside of it.This is how to test it
Lock to lock mean, turning the steering wheel until your car wheels are turned all the way and cannot go further.Do this with the engine ON and in Park.