ABS Light stays on

Can anyone tell me if this is a sensor or control module malfunction. Brakes are fine. If ABS relay, so where is it located, cant find in fuse box. This is a 1500 2WD suburban.

Many thanks.

Does it come on all the time, or does it only light up when you start moving?

What year is it?
How many miles are on it?
Have you had the fault codes read? You’ll need a shop that can read “chassis © codes”. There are a few hundred possibilities for the ABS system, so I won’t speculate.

Have the codes read and post them, along with the other info.

If it is an older model, disconnect the cables at the sensor, clean them with contact cleaner (both sides of connector), reconnect them, and see if that turns out the ABS light. It worked for me on my Olds Silhouette. You might also pull all your fuses associated with the ABS system and wire brush the contacts to remove tarnish. There should be a list of fuses and what they control in your owner’s manual. If you don’t have one, you can probably download one on line from Chevrolet. If these free steps don’t work, get the codes read and go from there.

Your truck has detected a code. It is asking you if you want to find out what it is. The dash light means something.

Since this is a GM, I will make a wild guess, based on the fact that it is a GM

The EBCM . . . the ABS control module itself, if you will. It’s a common failure item on lots of GM trucks, vans and SUVs. That is why I mentioned it