Blinkers work sometimes

I have a 1999 Chrysler LHS and for some reason both right, left, & even emergency blinkers only work when they want to I’ve already went out and purchased a new multi-switch and installed it and yet the problem is still there can anyone share some advise I don’t know what else to think other then an electrical short or so ur advise is much appreciated and thank u in advance.

Maybe an oxidized connector in the lop somewhere. Get a wiring diagram and see what connectors they share in common. It could also be an intermittent open circuit condition.

If all else fails, get some blinker fluid. :wink:

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Maybe you need a new flasher. They are generally available in a car parts store. To find yours it helps if, in a moment when it’s working, you stick your head under the dash and try to figure out where the ticking is coming from. It’s probably in a case with relays, so if you see that case look under the cover for a diagram that identifies everything.

The flasher would be my guess too.
I helped a friend with the same symptoms on a Corolla a few years ago, and when I looked at the schematic it turned out that the emergency flasher simply sent voltage concurrently to both sides of the turn signal circuit. Perhaps Chrysler used the same setup.

I don’t know if it’s a flasher but that is typically easy and inexpensive to replace. If I can do it, I’d say anyone can! Do that first to eliminate it. Then look at the wiring diagram and see if you can find other common to all three.

I’m on board with the majority. Replace the flasher first.

Thanks everyone in going to take the advise about the flasher I will give update tomorrow due to the weather here thanks everyone all of u have been very helpful.