Blinkers temporarily stop blinking

In the last 2 weeks on the way to work my blinkers stopped working (they also stopped a couple months ago - but starting working the next time I started the car.) The first time after work they were working fine again - I haven’t checked them today as I’m still at work but I’m hoping they’ll be working again after work. Am I looking a short? Or any other thoughts?

The usual causes of non-blinking blinkers are a bad flasher unit or problems with something called the multi-function switch which turns the blinkers on and off. On many cars replacing the flasher unit is pretty easy … if you can find the thing which is usually buried in a mass of wires and funny looking stuff way up under the dash. Replacing multifunction switches can be quite a bit harder. Most any mechanic can handle either, but he/she may not know which is the problem unless the blinkers are failing when the vehicle is brought into the shop.

Next time the turn signals fail, try the hazard flashers. If they don’t work either, the problem is probably the flasher unit. If they do work, it’s more likely the multi-function switch.

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me…just a quick question…if it were the flasher unit or multi-function switch…if it went out…wouldn’t it be permanent…instead of working again?

Thanks again for all your help


It is not at all uncommon for such things to fail intermittently.

Along with the other good suggestions for solution on this trouble try cycling the emergency flasher switch. I think the turn signal circuit runs through the switch and there may be some dirty contacts in the switch. By cycling the switch it may clear the trouble, especially if the brake lights don’t work when this trouble happens.