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Intermittent Blinker Problem

I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan. The blinkers have stopped working…sometimes. Sometimes I put the right blinker on and the left starts blinking, sometimes both left and right work normally, but most of the time neither work. The hazards work all of the time. Please help if you know what I should do, or where to begin.

Sounds like the multi-function switch located in the steering column may be failing.

When you have the blinker turned on, and it’s not working, try gently wiggling the emergency flasher switch. Don’t press on it any more than necessary, just enough to wiggle it some.

I’ve seen failures in both places (multi-function switch, as oblivion said), and at the emergency switch.

FWIW: A friend had a problem like this. He went out and bought (special order) a new multi-function switch for $135. Before I put it in, I checked the emergency flasher, found it was the fault, and cleaned/lubricated it with some spray lubricant (NOT WD-40). That was 6 months ago, and they haven’t failed since.