My blinkers go on and off

2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport: Sometimes the directionals shut off after a few blinks and sometimes they don’t work at all. I think I identified the area where the blinker noise comes from. It is to the left underneath the steering wheel column.

The directional flasher uses the electrical signal from the turn signal switch to operate. I don’t think the problem is with your “blinker”. Have the turn signal switch checked out.

I think there might be just a loose connection. Sometimes when I bang the dash they come back on. How do I get at the blinkers’ fuse underneath the dash?

Check the fuse and the flasher first, but in the end I think you’ll discover that missileman is right.

Sorry, I thought this was going to be a joke… “my blinkers go on and off”, well, they’re supposed to.

Me too .
that’s what a ‘‘blinker’’ does when it’s working right.

BUT intermittent correct function may also be in the plug where the wires are ganged together and plug into the switch.
Here in my Ford shop this occurs as the plastic tabs that hold the wires into the gang plug get old and dry, they break off allowing the wire to back off from the contact…maybe just one or two and the function is out of whack.
When you gain acces to that plug , wiggle and push each wire tighter into the plug. if there’s a loose one you’ll feel it. You can also test PULL each wire to see if one comes out of the gang plug.

If so , a new plug block will be needed, possibly bought with no wires like my Fords , then you transfer all of your wires into the new gang plug block.

Thank you all for the thoughtful responses. I think my issue is finding that and getting to it.

Sounds like the combination flasher is failing.