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I have a 98 vw jetta and when I use the blinker (left) my headlights shut off. When the blinker shuts off the lights come back on. there is a ticking sound coming from my steering column. Also a while back I disconnected the horns because they would sound when i turn the steering wheel. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Joe

you have crossed wires in the wiring harness under the dash, or a shorted sw. on the steering collum. This is a can of worms, and you should take to an auto electric shop for repairs, esp. if you dont want to be on your back under the dash.

Thank you very much. How could the wires have been crossed if there was never any work going on under there? Also, is “sw” for switch?

Yes, sw = switch

OP wrote “How could the wires have been crossed if there was never any work going on under there?” Then how did you disconnect the horns?..

Jhenry - My 2008 Jetta steering column is clicking loudly and someone listed some possibilities to my post: This could be one of several things, and I cant think of them all, but here are some wild ass guesses. One, the steering locking paul is sticking. Two, the keys are dangling from the ignition and banging on the collum. three, the spring loaded pin that connects the horn ring to the horn wiring is cracked, worn, or dragging. four, the bearing the steering post turns in is dry or contaminated. five, the multi function sw. is cracked or loose. Or, hey guys, any other possible defects in this almost brand new VW?