MK4 Jetta (late 1999 - early 2005) Clicking noise from turn signal

I owned a 2005 Jetta for a while, it was a 4DR GLS model, long story short…one day the turn signal continued to click after the turn was made, or I turned the signal off. Don’t be fooled, this wasn’t the HAZARD RELAY. Even though the noise comes from the relay switch (located in the hazard button on the dash,) the problem lies within the turn signal CONTROL ARM (the device off steering wheel column) I had Eurotec (stupid shop) replace the relay…the click was gone!!! --> for a day or so!!! I brought it back, and after a thorough investigation they realized it was the control arm, so they replaced it…395 dollars later (incl. relay) Turns out this was recalled in ‘04, although I’m not sure its concerning the same issue, luckily now I get to find out. A gal wrote off my 2005 Jetta (Return of the Jedi edition,) so I bought another. 2001 Jetta 2.0L GLS same deal…no clicking…not a bad car…mechanically cared for…all maintenance records stamped…one day the clicking starts…YAY!!! Now i’m gonna try a few things, I read a posting were a guy blasted the control arm with CONTACT cleaner or something, suppose to clean electrical contacts in device and remove flakes causing shortage. Sounds like an ideal solution. I will try this and let you all know. I understand I’m not the only Jetta owner with this issue. I’ve experience a full repair, now that it’s back, I’m gonna look for a CO$T effective solution. 2nd, I’ll contact VW RE: Recall ID # 04V584000.

Sounds just like you said…a known defective part…also defective new part…there will be no solution until VW solves the part issue for you… methinks… Not much else anyone can do with defecto parts in the mix you know?