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Electrical frustration

I’ve been chasing a power draw through my car now for several months. I’ve pulled the fuse on my factory amp, replaced the battery twice, replaced a switch that runs the fans, and am about to replace the alternator. Still not working are my head lights, 1 brake light, and i have the turn signal “click” sound at random intervals coming on. I am convinced there is a central problem that is causing so many things to go hawyire. If anyone has had similar electrical problems with their Jetta, HELP ME!

By any chance does the Jetta use the turn signal (multifunction switch) to control the lights? When the multifunction function switch (turn signals, wipers, and cruise) started failing on my Blazer the turn signal “click” stayed constantly.

Ed B

Connect a small ammeter in SERIES with your positive battery cable. With a multi-meter, start at 500ma and go to a lower scale if you can. Now you can SEE the load on your battery. Disconnect things until the load is gone…Start by pulling all the fuses.

No headlights?? Are they controlled by a "multi-function stalk switch on the steering column? That’s where to start with THAT problem…That could be your “central” problem…

You should have a good wiring diagram and a digital meter to help you find these problems. Hopefully you also know how to use them in testing for these kind on troubles. If you don’t have them you are most likely going to waste a lot of time trying to find the trouble.

Along with the other ideas the brake light trouble may be due to the turn signal switch. The brake light circuit passes through it. If you are still having a battery drain problem then check the current draw on the battery while the car is parked. Normal current draw is usually less than 35 milliamps after systems go into the sleep mode.

I had a bad one once on an 87 Omni. I had a dream that told me how to fix it and it worked. Hope nobody ever looked at the fuses!

What Model-Year Is This Jetta, Please ? Sometimes The Information Helps. The “Submit A Question Form” Still Fails To Ask.


I’m sorry. The form did ask me, just apparently does not share that information. It is an 02 Volkswagen Jetta. I am trying to find more information about a safety recall on the Mulitfunction switch mentioned above. So far hitting a stone wall from my Volkswagen Dealer.

These fragile switches have been problematic from day one, a very poor idea…They are located behind an exploding steering wheel and underneath a complex locking plate, making replacement a nightmare as it requires a steering column tear-down, a job for specialists…