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Jetta steering column clicking

I have a 2008 VW Jetta, which I purchased new. I love it! It has regular maintenance and is usually problem-free. However, the past several months I have heard a clicking sound in my steering column. At first it was sporadic, but now it happens every time I drive. I cannot discern a pattern as to when this happens, it seems random. I recently had it at the dealership for 50,000 miles maintenance and asked them to check it out. They drove it for 14 miles (they said) and didn’t hear a thing (they said),though the sound is quite noticeable. I was taught never to ignore a noise in a car and am just waiting for something really bad to happen while I’m on the freeway!

This could be one of several things, and I cant think of them all, but here are some wild ass guesses. One, the steering locking paul is sticking. Two, the keys are dangling from the ignition and banging on the collum. three, the spring loaded pin that connects the horn ring to the horn wiring is cracked, worn, or dragging. four, the bearing the steering post turns in is dry or contaminated. five, the multi function sw. is cracked or loose. Or, hey guys, any other possible defects in this almost brand new VW?

ignoramus9,thank you for the suggestions! Definitely not the keys since I keep my ignition key separate. If it continues, I will take these suggestions to another repair shop.

I have an 03 Jetta that had clicking under the dash. Intermittent and sounded like a relay going off repeatedly. What I determined is that the clicking is a turn signal relay that is being turned on by the metal off the turn signal switch being suspended in the switch contact grease and eventually bridging the contact space causing the relay to operate. I got a spray can of electronics contact cleaner and doused the turn signal switch through the turn signal opening. Viola. Clicking went away and has not come back

Thanks so much, rvseidl! I will certainly try that.