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Blinker doesn't work

My left turn siganl stopped working. We changed the bulb, but that wasn’t it. The light comes on, but doesn’t blink. Dealer changed out socket and it worked for 2 days. Then it started working intermittently. Now it does not work at all again. It only worked for 2 days before it broke again. Dealer says that can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. Any ideas?

Have you tried changing out the turn signal flasher?

I agree. Try replacing the flasher module.

Gosh who else was tempted to say blinker fluid? Try another dealer, could be a ground fault in the socket or bulb but no offense to rocket scientists but it ain’t rocket science. A second opinion is better than can’t figure it out. I assume it is warranty and all dealerships honor warranty no matter where it was purchased.

I’m not familiar with the circuit but I find it hard to believe the dealer cannot solve this problem. This cannot be that complicated. It cannot be so obscure a problem that your dealer can offer no help in solving your problem. And frankly, if you have been charged and paid for a repair for this problem, especially via a dealer, you deserve to have had the problem resolved. Go back to the dealer and insist the problem be resolved.