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Left Turn Signal Problem 2005 Dodge Caravan

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. Hoping someone can help me with a left turn signal problem on my 2005 Dodge Caravan. It only works sometimes, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the bulb. I read elsewhere that it could be a problem with the flasher module but I have no idea how to find this on my van. Would anyone else be able to tell me what I should check for first and how/where to find it on my van? I am a beginner (very!) mechanic and am trying to avoid having to spend hundreds at a repair place if I can fix it myself.


What exactly is occurring when it’s not working? Does the dash light come on but not blink? Does it blink too quickly?

The dash light comes on and blinks very quickly.

Bad bulb or contact. Turn on the turn signal and check front and back signals. If it is lit front and back, then you’ll have to clean the bulb contacts or socket contacts.

Your vehicle doesn’t have a flasher unit.

The turn signals/emergency flashers are controlled thru the body control module.


You have one or more bulbs out or not making contact because of corrosion or a loose socket.

ok thank you for all of the replies so far. I will take a look at the contacts.

I just repaired a car with the same problem. In this case, it was the multifunction switch (the turn signal lever switch assembly). Here’s a link to what it looks like.
Advance forward and you can also see how it installs.

I think TSM is probably correct, that’s what I’d first suspect. Good idea to check the bulb is ok and making a good contact with the socket and the socket is properly grounded first though, that’s easier to do than dealing with the multi-function switch.

If I had this problem, and it turned out to be the MFS, I’d try to renew the existing one using some electrical contact cleaner spray before replacing the switch. In my area Home Depot sells that product.

Check to see if both the left front and the rear turn signals work. If both ends are not working then the turn signal switch is suspect, like TSM suggested. If one end does work then the wiring to the end not working needs to be checked out starting with the bulb socket. Another thing that should be checked is the 4-way flashers. See if that system works okay. If all the lights work using the flashers then you have proved that the wiring to the lights is okay and the problem is most likely the turn signal switch. Assuming the two systems use the same lights.

Just wanted to say thank you all for the great advice! It turns out that it WAS a bulb problem. Everything is working as it should be now.

Your welcome for the help and thanks for the feedback. Another case in the books.