Blinkers Work Then They Don't

I have a 2001 Dodge Caravan. When I put my turn signal on all the dashboard lights fail and the gauges drop as if the van was powered off. After a couple seconds they come back on, then the seat belt reminder ding goes off. I’ve tried fixing it myself because I fear that that type of repair could end up costing a lot of money. After calling around, the cost to just look at the van is $112. I’ve tried things like replacing fuses, checking the headlights and seeing if a wire or bulb was the issue. Found some wiring in the passenger side seat belt panel and thought that may have been the issue. The blinkers were working for a bit. Recently they began failing again and so I’ve just messed with any wire I could find; maybe there’s a poor connection or something. I saw some other discussion posted on blinkers and my hazard lights seem to have something to do with this; occasionally if I press the hazard lights the gauges will react slightly; they jump up a little. It’s a hit and miss; sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I feel very unsafe and would hate to be responsible for someone rear-ending me because my blinkers didn’t work. Any suggestions??

Inspect the positive battery cable clamp. There is a small wire attached to the clamp that powers the hazard lights. If there is a poor connection it will affect the flasher module function.

You could have a bad chassis ground for the turning signals and the current seeks a path back through the dashboard lights.

I know when the battery gets low on these vehicles they start to do all kinds of funny things. I would inspect battery connections and have the battery tested. They will usually do this free at the auto parts stores.

They are controlled through the Body Control Module and an Intelligent Power Module. Check all your battery power and ground connections are clean. Also, clean and tighten any motor and chassis grounds. If this does not help, remove the bulbs on at a time and try to make it fail. This may lead to a bad bulb or socket. The Flasher switch is part of the circuit too. Does it make the turn signal lights work all the time correctly? Hopefully it’s not the BCM.

The most probable problem is the directional switch in the steering column. The switch derives it’s power through feeds in the dash.

With the ignition switch ON and the turn signal switch stalk actuated left or right, current flows through the:

Multi-function switch
Body Control Module
Integrated Power Module (IPM)
Turn indicator lamp
Front and rear turn signal bulbs.

A chime will sound after the vehicle has traveled a distance of approximately 0.5 mile and a speed of 15 mph , with the turn signal ON.