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Blinker doesn't stop clicking

For about 10 months my blinker has taken on a life of its own. After the blinker goes back into its “off” position, the ‘click-click-click’ will still take place & at random intervals. It’s gotten worse over time and does interfere with my radio! So far the hazard switch and socket has been replaced. The only other option given to me from the dealership was replacing the steering wheel stalk, but seeing they’ve done such a stellar job at identifying the problem, I thought I’d check in with the experts here to see if anyone can either confirm the steering wheel stalk replacement idea or if its something different.


The shop should be able to verify what is causing the trouble by checking the voltage at certain points to see where the trouble is coming from. It may be the flasher unit. It be interesting to know if the trouble happens after using just the left or right side or both.

That’s the problem. The first time I took it to the shop they said it was the hazard switch, which was then replaced, but problem wasn’t solved. Then back in January they said it was the steering wheel stalk. Unfortunately, when I finally was able to bring the car back in I was told that it was probably the socket (??) and so that was replaced. As soon as I left the shop, I heard the “click click” again after the blinker went back to its off position.

As for whether it happens with just the left or right, well… it used to be just the left, but now it’s both.