1998 Ford explorer V8

My hazard lights work but both left and right blinkers do not work…the clicking of the blinkers don’t work…the binker light indication on the dash board don’t show…I’ve replaced the flasher… And it still didn’t work…I looked behide inside the steering wheel… But a YouTube video said it might be wires inside the steering wheel… But I didn’t know what I specifically was looking for… And I’m not sure if it could be the switch…I tried the fuse box… And when I took out the fuse for the blinkers… And slowly attached it back in it’s proper spot I heard the clicking noise but it sounded abnormal…does anyone have any suggestions what could possibly be going on with my blinkers???

Have you visually confirmed by walking around your car that all the flasher lights are are actually working when you turn on the hazard lights, or are you assuming they are working because you hear the flasher making noise?

The hazard lights do work they all flash…as they’re supposed to

Are the correct bulbs in place - the exact # called for in the owners manual? Sometimes people put in a bulb that fits, but is not correct for the circuits involved. Seen it. Maybe done it.

Could it be the multiple function switch

That would be my guess