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Blind spot

Harvey on the show 9/11/10, discussed the issue of the blind spot in so many of the new cars. I have a 1997 Honda Odyssey and am about ready for a new car. Have looked at the CRV. It and many others in that size range are as Tom and Ray mentioned on the show - they have much smaller rear and side windows which compromises the range of vision and the blind spot. My Odyssey has great open window space and clear vision.

So what makes and models have the best range of vision in this size range. Any recommendations?

The A pillars are usually killer in lots of vehicles. I can recall once where my mom didn’t even realize there was another vehicle at a 4 way intersection on a rural highway with her Cobalt. My CX-7 has pretty good visibility I think, the A pillars aren’t that large, the rear window is a decent size to look out of, but the rear view camera comes in VERY handy. I’m still not that certain about where the front or sides are precisely(looking out the front windshield), but I’m learning.

There is no substitute for properly aligned mirrors and defensive driving…