2016 Buick Enclave - Visibility

I’m thinking of buying a CPO 2016 Enclave. Can anyone speak to the visibility from the driver’s vantage? I’m currently driving an Equinox which has extremely limited visibility to the right due to post and side view mirror. The post and sideview mirror create a sort of “L” and thus a huge blind spot. Anyone who drive my car notices it immediately. Does the Enclave have anything like this?

Most modern vehicles have blind spots. The location will vary by the height of the driver.
You can only determine this by careful observation during the test drive of the vehicle prior to purchase.

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Have you not even seen this vehicle in person ? What may be a line of sight problem for me may not be for you . That is why there is such a thing called the Test drive.


Okay, calm down. I’m a widow and I’ve never bought a car before.

My son is 6’2” and I am 5’4”. We both noticed blocked vision on the passenger side.

You’re right. My research must end and now I’ll deal with sales people.

Is there a Carmax near you? They have a wide selection, and you can go sit in them with no problems.

They are big cars so test drive is the best way to see if you can live with it or not .

Here’s how one rating service rates SUV’s for “best visibility”

•Subaru Forester.
•Land Rover Range Rover.
•Honda Pilot.
•Cadillac Escalade.
•Jeep Wrangler.
•Mercedes-Benz G550 4X4.
•Audi Q7.
•Volvo XC90

  • Kia Soul
  • Nissan Armada

Vehicles with worst visibility, according to Consumer Reports
Nissan Z, Porsche Boxster, Honda CR-Z, Buick Encore, Infiniti QX70, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Pathfinder, Smart ForTwo, Jeep Wrangler

The Buick Enclave doesn’t appear on any of those lists. Unless it is similar in design to one of the vehicles on the lists above, visibility-wise it must be somewhere in between. Ok visibility, but not exceptional. Visibility is very important quality to me in vehicle selection, and I rejected many simply b/c of that when I was in the car buying market. Years ago when shopping for a new car I compared the Corolla to the Saturn for example, and rejected the Saturn simply based on – imo – its unexceptional visibility from the driver’s seat.