New cars - smaller rear windows?

I’m coming off of six years of driving a 98 Ford Escort. I test drove a Hyundai Accent today. The only think I didn’t like about the driving experience was the read window/rear view mirror. The bottom third of the mirror was taken up by the back seats, and the top third was taken up by the roof. I felt like I was looking though a mail slot. In my Ford, the whole mirror is filled with the view of the road behind me. Is this common these days?

Unfortunately yes.

It’s more commone with some cars than others. My '11 Cruze if fine.

The best way to increase rear vision is to remove the rear seat headrests, unless you are constantly carrying rear seat passengers.

There are a lot of rear vision cameras on the market now. They provide ongoing vision and identify blind spots as well. A good system will cost you $500 + installed.

This hump is the price we pay for maximizing fuel economy. Note that nearly all cars now look that way.

I looked at the Honda Fit, which is only available as a hatchback, and voila! A great rear view!

I think hatchbacks have better rear windows. The sedan/coupes would need a smaller window to accommodate the high trunk line, where the hatchback doesn’t have that limitation

Well, I bought a hatchback. I never would have considered one, but Honda only offers that small car size in hatchback. So, I fell in love with the rear view and bought one.

While not my thing, I’ve heard the Fit is a pretty good car. Hopefully it’ll last you as long as the Escort did

I think it’s the Upright seating and increased headroom in smaller cars that are the culprit. When you move all the passengers into a more upright seating position in small cars, you raise the belt line with more comfortable seating and room and decrease visibility. It’s a sacrifice you make in smaller cars along with increasing trunk storage. It’s like driving a Van. There are ways around it but at the sacrifice of aerodynamics and fuel economy. When gas prices get to $4.00 a gallon and our butts get enlarged, rearward visibility takes a hit, which is a good thing for those looking at us from behind. Besides, it’s harder to see drivers texting too.