Better air flow to intake in 1981 Toyota Pickup

How can I get better air flow to intake ?

What problem are you trying to solve? Is there something that is clogging the intake now?

Pictures of your current intake system would help.

Cut a hole in the hood.


Put in a new air filter. Really, nothing you do to the intake will make any noticeable difference, power wise, on an '81 Toyota pickup. It might SOUND faster, but that’s it.


Other than a clean air filter, if you are looking for more power it’s going to involve spending low 4 figures at a minimum.

This pickup was rated at 97 horsepower when new; assuming the factory was not fudging the numbers and assuming that number is at the rear of the transmission.
With miles, that number is only going to decrease and odds are if this thing was put on a dyno you would be appalled at the rear wheel numbers.

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If this is what your engine compartment looks like, not Musca you can do, make sure there are no obstruction.
There are snorkel kits available if you really feel the need.

Which is that? Here’s the pickup:

Man those engines are clean. They look brand new!

OP, not a whole lot to be done. You can put in a higher-flow intake header and work the other side too with an upgraded exhaust, but that might be good for 5, maybe 10hp if you’re lucky. Not really anything you’d notice much.

Best bet if you’re looking to make your truck faster is to start looking at engine swaps.

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Is the engine running great? With a 40 year old carb, there are plenty of things that could need adjusting or fixing. Same with the ignition system.


Couldn’t find a pickup picture, but you can see the intake is the same as the Land Cruiser and LandCruisers were available as pickups.

True, but that’s the 6 cylinder in the Land Cruiser, isn’t it? I’d bet a donut the OP has the ‘regular’ pickup with the 4.

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I had a 1979 4X4 with the 20R engine and Aisin carb. I did plenty to keep the carb working OK, but I found nothing to make the engine breathe or work harder than it was designed to do.

If you describe problems you are having, I may have memories or old manuals to help you.

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That is a sweet looking old rig. Probably more fun to look at than to drive, though.

Yep, like the old two door Jeep Wagon.
Though I would still like one, got the bug from watch 50s SF movies.

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Back to the OP,

That is the only question asked, my answer still stands, if he really wants more airflow, IMHO, a snorkel kit would do it.

Hood scoop?

Hood scoop would work but would require more engineering.

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As has already been asked, what are you trying to accomplish? The vehicle is 40 years old.

Me thinks Mark has gone back to Cyberspace .